What Sets Us Apart


Our expertise and dedication to the highest standards in restoration and replacement of teeth has earned us our outstanding reputation. Patients needing reconstructive or rehabilitative treatments such as dental implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures, or who desire changes in their facial appearance can trust Dr. Steier’s education and experience to ensure they get the best possible care.

The fit of a restoration must be perfect, otherwise it will cause problems regardless of the appearance. A healthy smile starts from the inside out. It is not enough to have nice looking teeth if there is underlying decay or unable to eat with them!

“I take my work as a fine piece of art, which will be exposed with my name on it, so it has to be great.” – Dr. Carolina Steier

Technology at Our Practice

Dr. Steier's office is equipped with the latest technology, such as:

  1. State-of-the-art digital radiographic equipment reduces radiation exposure. Besides keeping clients safer from radiation, this equipment takes high-resolution images and offers enhancement capabilities in order to be able to offer the correct diagnosis and the best treatment plan for our patients.
  2. Intraoral photography. A powerful intraoral camera enables us to do detailed and magnified visual examinations of a patient’s teeth and mouth. This can be done in minutes with a small hand-held wand that comfortably fits inside the oral cavity. The images appear on a color computer monitor, which a patient can conveniently see from the dental chair.
  3. Extraoral photography. A professional extraoral camera allows us to take high definition images of the face and mouth. These images help our dental team see changes before and after treatments and allow us to show to the patients how their mouth has transformed over time.
  4. Fully computerized dental record keeping and billing systems.
  5. Paperless technology, to save the environment and increase efficiency using iPads as kiosk for patient questionnaires and medical history.


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