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What type of patient visits a prosthodontist?

There are many types of patients that recognize value in treatment by a prosthodontist.

These patient are often:

  • Looking to achieve the highest quality esthetic / restorative outcomes.
  • Had significant issues with prior esthetic/restorative work and seeks repair or replacement.
  • Understanding that their insurance plan (PPO) offers limited or no coverage beyond the annual limit, and is willing to look outside their insurance network.
  • Value the advice and treatment of a specialist.

What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists complete an additional 3-4 years of specialized training in advanced treatment planning, restorative / esthetic procedures, implantology and full mouth reconstruction following general dentistry schooling. Recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as a dental specialties; it is the only specialty providing an ADA accredited degree covering the sequencing and execution of complex restorative (prosthetic) and esthetic (often called cosmetic) dental procedures.

Who benefits from a prosthodontist?

Most anyone. From a single tooth restoration to the complete restoration of extremely worn teeth, pleasing esthetic and functional results are critical to both the patient and the practitioner. Prosthodontists are uniquely qualified by their training, the selection of dental materials, and the use of various types of restorations, to find the solution that fulfills each patient’s desires.

Has technology taken the skill out prosthodontics, making some procedures like implants and crowns routine, and in turn, making treatment based on price alone?

Although dental technology has significantly advanced in recent years and is an important tool to be embraced, hand skills are critical and often overlooked component of superior dentistry. Implants, starting with extractions and placements, are surgical procedures requiring years of training and experience. Crowns start with the prosthodontist’s vision of the final product-part science, part art.

Are dental implant procedures more expensive than traditional restoration services?

Not generally. Single tooth implants are often comparable to the cost of a bridge to replace a tooth. Dental implant prices vary based upon the materials used as well as the complexity of the placement. Deficient bone volume also increases the price of dental implant treatment.

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